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Theology 104
September 15, 2014
Reflection Paper #1
I started attending church when I first came to the United States at age of 13. Many Korean immigrants choose religion just for relationship within Korean community and for to earn information on their children’s education. This was the same reason why my dad took my brother and I to church. I was a Sunday Christian for 10 years. I knew knowledge on the Bible but always questioned inside if I am a true Christian. With grace of God, I met Jesus Christ as my savior in 2011. After that, I was born again and everything that I knew about God became new. Through God’s revelation, day by day, I understood the true meaning of being a Christian and I already knew many things that are said in ‘Praxis’. However, two things that challenged me to maintain Christian lifestyle were Biblical and Historical Theology and love. Theological Definition

I always thought theology meant, “The study of God,” and the word theology is for those who are in seminary, but I was wrong. According to our text, everybody is a theologian because everyone has thoughts about God. When I first read this statement, I was very surprised. It is human’s choice to make decision to serve God, but all human have thought about God at least once or twice in their lifetime. In C.S. Lewis book of ‘The Screwtapes Letters’, it clearly shows that the spirit of God is giving thoughts to question about God and the Satan is blocking the thoughts. What I believe or deny dictate how I live and the way I see God influences everything I do in my life. Biblical Definition

As I was reading the text, I found out that it is very important to know what I believe, not just emotional feeling that I experienced but to know background knowledge of the Bible. In the Bible, Jesus said to spread the word of God but if I do not have any historical or Biblical knowledge, it is harder to spread the word of God. “Go into all the world and preach the Good News...
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