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Topics: Sociology, Learning, Social structure Pages: 3 (602 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Mathew Hoadley-Jager
David Lane
Intro to Sociology
Socialization and Social Structure
Socialization refers to the general process of acquiring culture. You were cultured to your specific culture by your parents and the other people who raised you. On the macro scale, social structure is the system of socioeconomic stratification, social institutions, or other patterned relations between large social groups. On the meso scale, it is the structure of social network ties between individuals or organizations. These two terms are the general concepts to, which I will be explaining the type of person I have become in my culture throughout growing up based on the twenty ideas I have used to explain myself.

The social process is all about the person you became throughout your process of growing up. It also, relates to the factor of learning from others. We begin learning from others early in life and further adapt to the new knowledge grasped. For example I said, for one of my answers I am physically fit. This idea is relating to myself by how growing up I learn the process of being physically active, and I used these concepts to learn certain arts such as, playing sports or learning how to stay in shape by lifting weights. The social process behind this was growing up with my friends and playing sports outside at recess such as football and further learning the rules from my friends as they learned them from other people such as their parents. The activities that my friends were participating in influenced me to take part in their activity, which later molded me to this form of culture.

Out of all the statuses I decided to pick I would further define myself with the select few of I am healthy, I am strong, I am capable, I am evolution, and I am thankful. I think that out of these select few defining myself as healthy can be a struggle because of barriers such as money or temptation for certain foods, but I do what I can to stay strong willed to...
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