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Burns, K. (2005). Gays and lesbians. Farmington, MI: Greenhaven Press.
Retrieved from
In this book Burns shares information on Gay and Lesbian history, and how homosexuality was disapproved to the legal and policy issues regarding Gays and Lesbians. This book talks about cultural, religious, and moral issues regarding homosexuality. It explains the legal history of gay marriage battles in the United States, and why it should or should not be legal. The author however did include lists of organizations and references. Mello, M. (2004). Legalizing Gay Marriage. Philadelphia, PA, USA: Temple University Press. Retrieved from

The author talks about the topic of gay marriage in a very interesting discussion of Baker verses the State. He explains about what happened within the 1999 decision that took place with the Vermont Supreme Court. He talks about the recognition of “our common humanity,”which states that the Vermont constitution must honor the gay couples the same rights, benefits, and protection. It would be the same as heterosexual couples who are married. He also shares with us of how the issue with others who have unqualified praise for Vermont’s approach. Mello explains the point of Legalizing Gay Marriage and why it is a timely important discussion. His point made has been well said, by explaining the issue that is likely to dominate the social and legal aspect for the future of years to come. Shernoff, M. (1997). Gay marriage and gay widowhood. The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review 4(4), 36. Retrieved from Shernoff shares information about the tragedy that occurred regarding social recognition of a gay man's relationship with his partner that died. The explanation is in regard of how often the widowed partner is blamed for their partner’s death. He talks about how the partner that survives normally does not receive sympathy, or help through the grieving process from family members or co-workers. It’s all because of those who do not believe that a gay relationship is equivalent of a marriage. In this 1996 book, Crisis of Meaning: How Gay men Are Making Sense of AIDS, psychologist Steven Schwartzberg states: "The heterosexual widow or widower whom loses their partner receives social support and condolences. Gay men whom have been widowed are more likely to be scorned, ostracism, blame, or fear.” United States: Courtroom drama; gay marriage. (2010, Jan 16). The Economist, 394, 33-34. Retrieved from In this trial of Perry v Schwarzenegger which indeed took place January 11th in San Francisco, CA. It shares the conflict of two gay couples, who were up against the state of California. California was represented by governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is a chilling review of the decision that was made in order to outlaw gay marriage in which it did. In the state however it is constitutional, and depending on the outcome of the case it is most likely going to end up in the Supreme Court. Zappia, C. (2006, Jun). BEYOND GAY MARRIAGE. The Village Voice Retrieved from Zappia talks about how a group of gay individuals whom have straight friends and they represent an anything goes policy. Their anything goes policy represents who gets with whom ever. Zappia shares his point on how a lesbian can kiss a gay man, a transgender can sleep with a straight woman and their not be fear of the reproach. His point stated is that they may not receive it elsewhere from a group of people whom are apart of queer and straight communities that are considered alike. She talks about how, she details what the group represents and why they are battling to be accepted.

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