red from green

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Red from green - essay

Sam Turner is the main character in the novel and the story takes place in the summertime. Sam is fifteen years old and in the fall she is a sophomore. Her father and her lives in Montana and every summer they take a four-day float trip down the river. This year Sam’s uncle, Harry and a client, called Layton from Harrys law firm, is with them. Layton is younger than Harry, and he often carries a gun with him. There is a lot of sun on the trip, and the environment is rural and there is a lot of fresh air. The group lives in tents and some nights they make a bonfire and sits there.

Layton and Sam spends a lot time together alone, while Sam’s father and Harry often have to fix something like, driving the empty trucks down the river. Layton compliments Sam a lot an example is the episode where he says she has perfect teeth. Its embarrassing her, but she doesn’t think of him like she thinks of other grownups like Harry. A day where Sam and Layton is alone again they go shooting, Sam has never tried to shoot, but she is pretty good at it and she feels proud after. Layton is also very impressed. But then an evening, Layton complains about his back, and want’s someone to walk on it, but the only person who is light enough is Sam, and her father doesn’t say anything when Layton asks Sam. In the meantime Sam’s father decides to go to bed, and leaves Sam and Layton alone again. Sam is not really happy about this and she is a little bit nervous I think, but she doesn’t say anything.

Sam steps up on Layton’s back and he tells her how to walk forward and back on it, then he asks her to kneel with her knees between his shoulder blades. She does it, but then he tough her hip to correct her position, and she straightens, but he doesn’t remove his hand. After a minute his hand slips under the back of her thigh, she moves away, but then his hand moves and he touches her between her legs. She begins to stand up, but he tells her to stay and he...
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