Recruitment: Reducing Turnover

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How would you recommend we go about reducing the turnover in our stores?

Whether the organization has one employee or 100, recruiting and retaining plays a very important role in an organization's efficiency and profitibility. High employee turn over affects companies in a number of ways.

Since every minor detail cannot be documented, when an old timer leaves, he takes with him a major share of valuable organizational knowledge with him. These people also boosts up the morale of the fellow employees in the organization. Some managers believe that it is just the cost of a newspaper ad. But if direct and indirect costs are considered, replacing and employee comes with heavy cost in terms of money and time. High turnover results in employer/department heads/line managers active involvement in recruting and training which in affects the efficiency.

According to a survey following are some of the reasons why employee leave:

There are better opportunities elsewhere
It is difficult to work here
Never did fit it. Can not get ahead
Poor managment

In Cater Cleaning Company's case the the problem is that:

the employees are high school graduates or less and making a growth map for them will be challenging •the market for these people very competitive which makes the turnover high. These people will switch to another job even for a minor difference and as such their demand is very high

Carter Cleaning Company will be able to reduce the turn-over by employing a mix of traditional and creative ideas. Some of the ideas they can pratice are:

Low Cost

Showing appreciation: For a job well done small things like sending a thank you/congratulation note or praising in front of the colleagues do wonders in boosting job morale and loyalty. Other things with low cost employed for performance appreciation could be giving a day off, a dinner voucher for 2, etc.

Fun at work: It is important to make work fun and interesting. The productivity is...
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