Records Management Essay

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Both ministry of Education and school generates information on a daily business that plays a role in the daily operation of an institute that are referred to as records. This information generated is also use for projecting and planning purposes. (Managing records at school level). Managing and organization student’s records into a cohesive and efficient might seem like an impossible task, but it depends how much effort is placed in it, that makes it possible. School that properly manages their records meets its legislation responsibilities, aids its administrative processes and ensures that records are stored when needed and destroyed when permissible. As a result, all schools should have records management system in place.

Having already note that records are information, there are ten categories of information. Firstly, Action information which would be files that requires immediate response. In an institution, this information would be letters and request transfers. More than likely, action information is one that will benefit the institution so it should be brought to attention very quickly. Therefore, it is normally requested that action information be marked with an urgent sticker. Non- Action information is another category of information. Unlike Action information, Non-Action information is the type that does not require immediate action, but they do require an action. For example, if a new Minister of Education was assigned, then the school receives a letter of this action, there is no need for it to have an immediate response. It is important to note that non-action information is no less important than any other information. Therefore due to protocol and respect, it should be acknowledged. The third category of information is reoccurring information which can be described as data which is based on activities or event that reoccur in intervals. Examples of reoccurring information would be student’s attendance, accounting, assessment results and inventories. On the other hand, another category of information is non-reoccurring which refers to matters that may not recur on a regular basis during the life span of an organization. The fifth category of information is internal information that is generated within the organization. The purpose of internal communication is to enhance communication amongst colleagues so that work can be produce, managed and handle with confidentiality. When a school holds a meeting, this information may use for the bettering of the school. For example, letters from the head of the department to all staff concerning who should and should not be accepted in class for safety purposes. The complete opposite category of information which will be external will be for the use of outside communication. Next, Historical information is data that relates to past events and activities and is usually non action information. Also, future information is data that concern with events to come or take place. The two final categories of information are documented information that refers to information entered onto permanent records and non-documented information which is oral.

Records are the evidence of what an organization does externally and internally. (ARMA 1) According to research records can also be defined as a documented proof of a transaction or activity. This may include business activities, contracts negotiations, and business and personnel file. Records are categorized into four categories. Firstly, the most important records which are classified as vital records includes will include a deed for property, contract sales, or budgets of the organization. Next, important records management will include board meeting minutes, financial and operating reports. Third, Useful Records can include product change letter and the least important type of records which is classified as non-essential will include memos like birthday parties and department newsletter. In addition to that, records come...
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