Records Management

Topics: Knowledge management, Management, Knowledge Pages: 4 (1125 words) Published: June 5, 2006
Running head: Analysis/Synopsis of Records Management Meets Knowledge Gathering Records Management Meets Knowledge Gathering
Le'Che Hunter
September 20, 2005
ADM 3301
Dr. C Nealy
University of Houston - Downtown

In the last two decades Information Technology and development of the internet have given rise to as well as a chance of advancement for records managers. In this Article, Records management meets knowledge gathering, the author investigates some of the problems and opportunities and suggest strategies for managing records and knowledge in the technological environment for the current future

Analysis/Synopsis of the Journal Records Management meets Knowledge Gathering

According to Beastall in the Journal article Records management meets knowledge gathering, one of the most prevalent problems in the management of information is finding ways to store information and yet ensure that it is readily available for use. "Tying the two sets of information together and getting the "soft" information incorporated, is the challenge for records managers today." (Beastall, 1998, p. 94) In this article, Records management meets knowledge gathering, Beastall brings to the fore front the problems of merging records management and knowledge gathering. Beastall proposes a three stage method "for managing records and knowledge in the current and likely future, technological environment." (Beastall, 1998, abstract) The problem that Beastall saw that faced records managers with knowledge gathering was the change in which information was being generated and stored. This change poses a problem with managers in a sense that they want to stay abreast of what's going on and also what they must do to stay ahead of the fast pace of change that is occurring. Beastall found that "the materials that now need to be controlled and managed extend beyond the traditional paper based records." (Beastall, 1998, p. 89) In Beastall's findings he found that this will...

References: Ashe, C., & Nealy, C. (2004). Records Management. New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.
Beastall, Graham. (1998, August). Records management meets knowledge gathering [Electronic version]. Records Management Journal, 8 (2), 89-94.
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