Clinic Management System

Topics: Hospital, Patient, Physician Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: October 27, 2012
The clinics have experienced problems in collecting and managing health care Medical data due to informal structures and lack of formal ways of storing their patient and staff details for their clinics. This research project will help on the development of computerized system at Muledane Clinic. The use of Clinic Management System technology can be deployed for not only bringing down health care costs but also facilitates automating and streamlining patient identification processes in clinic. The research project will produce a real-time system for the clinics.

Records Management Systems have become one of the most vital strategies in any organizational environments that help employee to store and process their data. [1] A system is defined as multiple parts working together for a common purpose or goal. Systems have inputs, processes, and outputs. When feedback (direct or indirect) is involved, that component is also important to the operation of the system. Any system which is currently using within the organization is the best to that specific organization. Organizations are using manual systems or computerized systems. Manual system is the involvement of data processing which does not make use of stored-program computing equipment. Computerized system is the involvement of data processing in the use of stored programs/software in order to accomplish specified goal. Muledane clinic is using manual system to their medical records; they keep records of their patients on book/papers. The problem with manual system is that some papers may be lost or the files containing the documents may be stolen. As soon as the files are stolen, all the information containing the details for patients and Staff are lost forever. The documents will be lost forever unless the investigation can be done to find them. However, their manual systems of processing their activities need to be upgraded to computerized system. This computerized system will helps...
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