Records Disaster Prevention and Recovery

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Records Disaster Prevention and Recovery
12. The typical contents of a records disaster prevention and recovery manual outline usually consists of nine parts. The first part is the introduction; the title page, preface, and table of contents are included in this. Also the overall policy for the disaster avoidance is in here. Everyone who participated in the program and making of the manual is mentioned. Part two explains methods on how to prevent or decrease the effects of a disaster. Part three is the initial response which describes what to do, where to go, and who to contact during the first few hours after a disaster occurs. Part four is the assessment through narrative and photographs of the disaster site for insurance purposes. Part five is stabilization which helps employees to prevent further damage of business assets and services. It also describes how to remove records from the disaster site to the recovery site. Part six is interim processing which describes alternative procedures implemented during the period between disruption and return to normal operations. Part seven is recovery and restoration which is how to recover and restore the organizations records. Part eight is the relocation of the records to a new area. Part nine is the summary of responsibilities which is a recap of everything that has happened. This is used as an aid for new employees as a check-list to prevent further disasters. The format of the manual is always subject to change so the easiest thing to do is keep it in loose-leaf format in case of paper copies being distributed.
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