Reciprocating Compressor

Topics: Gas compressor, Piston, Reciprocating engine Pages: 14 (1531 words) Published: April 3, 2013
International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 3, Issue 4, April-2012 ISSN 2229-5518


Design, Modeling and Analysis Of Double
Acting Reciprocating Compressor
P.K.Jadhao , K.K. Jadhao, S. S. Bhagwat
Abstract : The present day concept of automation has increased the use of compressed air in every field of industrial life. An attempt has been made to design double acting air compressor with an intention to provide the operating pressure required for pneumatic tools within less time taken by single acting compressor to generate the same pressure of 9 kg/cm2 at 925 rpm of compressor for piston displacement of 21.4 cfm. B asic component of double acting reciprocating air compressor are designed. The

modeling, and analysis of double acting reciprocating air compressor were done by using CATIAV5R10 software. Theoretically, all the components are found to work within safe stress limits.. Key Word : D ouble Acting R eciprocating C ompressor, Stress Analysis, Material Properties, CATIAV5R10, Failure Mode.

——————————  ——————————

Compressed air is used in Air refrigeration, cooling
of large building for cleaning purposes, blast furnaces,
bore wells, spray painting, in super charging IC
engines and gas turbines, starting of IC engines, fuel
atomizers, compressed air is widely used in braking
system of automobiles, railway coaches, wagons etc.
and the list is endless where the compressed air is used.
In fact today, we find it is extensively used in all fields
of application due to Wide availability of fresh air.
Compressibility, Easy transportability of compressed
air in pressure vessel, containers and long pipes., Fire – proof characteristics of the medium. High degree of
controllability of pressure. The detail study of different
types of compressor is very much essential. The current
study is focused at the study of double acting
reciprocating compressors. The advantage of double
acting compressor is that it delivers almost double
compressed air (almost in half time) which saves time
and money of the user. The aim for the current study is
to replace the single acting compressor by double
acting compressor which generates 9 kg/cm2
compressed air on the basis of the tools used in the
industries which are generally operated with a
maximum pressure of 9 kg/cm2. The study is focused
on a compressor available in Manoj motor mechanic
and servicing center Pusad, which is used for water
serving and also for the tyre remolding with the
following specifications:

The main objectives are to:
 Design Cylinder and Piston for Double acting
reciprocating air compressor which generates 9
Kg/cm2 compressed air.

 Model and perform stress analysis for Cylinder and
Piston .

Heinz P Bloch and John J. Hoefner worked on the
Development of a Double acting free piston expander
for power recovery in transcritical CO2 cycle.[5]. Sun et
al. developed New method of thermodynamic
computation for a reciprocating computer simulation
by Si – Yieng .[6] W.Norman Shade suggest
optimization and revitalization techniques on
compressors used in air drilling, air procession and air
separation etc. and emphasis on the fact that virtually
any size model can be considered for improvements,
A. Al masi worked on reciprocating compressor design
and manufacturing with respect to performance,
reliability and cost. And suggested methods for
optimum reciprocating compressor. A.P.Budagyan and
P.I. Plastinin devoted on design and optimization on
reciprocating compressors [10] and minutely studied
the effect of temperature variation on the overall
performance of the reciprocating compressors and
cooling of compressors. Due consideration is given on
optimal basic geometric dimensions of reciprocating
compressors .
4. Methodology
4.1 Design of Cylinder and Piston for double acting
Maximum pressure
= 9 kg/cm²...
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