An Evaluation of the Advantages of the Dyson Air Multiplier

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An Evaluation of the Advantages of the Dyson Air Multiplier

A Research Paper Presented to
Aida Alfaro
Mapua Institute of Technology

in partial fulfillment
of the requirements in
English for Academic Purposes 2

Nikkie Lyn N. Esguerra
Kimberly Luv Y. Santos
Xyrille Faye S. Nicolas
Rodinia Marie Cura

March 2013

Electric fans are used to regulate interior temperatures. People commonly use them during hot and humid summer days to increase air movement throughout a home. Some electric fans are movable and can be put on a desk or on the floor. Larger models are permanently installed on the ceiling. Nowadays, some electric fans can cause danger to people especially to children. It may cause wounds due to its blades and heat exhaustion. This study is concerned on Dyson Air Multiplier – a bladeless fan. Dyson Air Multiplier is known as the bladeless fan. It is an electric fan in desktop and floor standing models that are set to give smoother airflow and, having no exposed rotating blades, operating in a safer manner than the conventional bladed fans. This bladeless fan was tested at Dyson Ltd, a company that has been trusted and utilize for decades. It was proven that this bladeless fan is safe to use and no harm to people. It was then surveyed through conducting interviews to experts and non-experts. Results showed that this bladeless fan is suitable as a replacement for the commercially conventional electric fans.

The vision of Mapua Institute of Technology states that “The institute shall be the center of excellence by engaging in cutting-edge research which enables the students to disseminate and apply knowledge in various fields of study. On the other hand, the SLHS creed has the goal of developing the ability of every student to distinguish what is true and what is good for the abundance of information, idea and thought about the current day technology made accessible to him.

Technology is defined as the application of the scientific knowledge having the purpose of making tasks easier to humans. It has consumed a big part of people’s daily lives and they almost can never live without it. Albert Einstein once said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” It is evident that as years pass by, improvements on technology has grown larger. Who would have thought that from a simple telephone created by Alexander Graham Bell that it would turn to the popularly known iPhone of today made by Steve Jobs? How about the Humanoid Robots, the robots that resemble the human body? People witnessed with their very own eyes the breakthroughs that had taken place in technology.

The Dyson Air Multiplier (Bladeless Fan) is another breakthrough in technology. In relation to the vision and mission of Mapua Institute of Technology and the SLHS creed, this research aims to learn more about this new innovation which is a product of a cutting edge research. Thus, the Wonder Girls group would like to conduct further research about the invention of such fan; a fan that blows air from a ring with no blades. They come up with the thesis statement, “Through the use of modern technology, Sir James Dyson’s invention, the bladeless fan, is more convenient to use than that of Wheeler’s who invented a two-blade electric fan. “

Many years ago, fans are not yet invented until a man named Schuyler Skaats Wheeler created a two-bladed electric fan. According to, earliest fans appeared in the early 1880’s. These fans were attached to an electric motor. Its blades were adapted from the windmill, with usually six pie flat leafs of brass. Soon, the following years an improvement towards the convenient electric fan has been done with the goal of providing a user friendly fan. Thus, one hundred twenty years after Schuyler Skaats Wheeler introduced the first electric fan, a British industrial designer named Sir James...

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