Reble Against Conventionalism

Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: November 9, 2012
1. What are some complications Johns outlines that are related to joining a discourse community? Still now we talk about not intended discourse community but from now on, we talk about discourse community that people voluntary participate in discourse community. There are some factors to join the discourse community, voluntary. They choose to enter the discourse community because of interests, politics or their professions. They hope to extent acknowledges and professional experience. Depending on people’s interests strong or weak, the discourse community uniform is more confirm or not. 2. John notes that people joining a new discourse community can rebel against some of its conventions and in so doing actually change the discourse community. Explain what this means and try to think of some historical examples. It goes without saying that there is established or initiated member. They want to get their own power. It makes the members get authority. They have no choice but to have conventional characters because they don’t want change a rule, statues and genres. Everything that they established for past time brings about their causing money and high position in their discourse community. However, new or young people desire some new rule or genres because it is too much for them to accept the old one. That mean that is to rebel against conventionalism represents overall understanding the convention, not original one. It is a reconstruction. Therefore, to recompose concept, rules and values of a community’s genres needs the basic conventions. Those who wish for reconstructing know the old one as much as conventionalists. The most common case is conflict of between the Progressive Party and the Conservation Party. Generally, progressive party is composed of young people and conservative party is made of relatively old people. If you see the nation as to one kind of discourse community, the Progressive Party well be regarded a kind of just joining people....
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