Hockey Community

Topics: Fan, Ice hockey, Fandom Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: December 5, 2013

Discourse Communities are defined as “a group of people that share and hold similar beliefs and ideas and communicate amongst each other through unique interactions”. These communities are all around us, from the classes in a university, to all sorts of sports lingo. Growing up I was involved in the Hockey Discourse community. The people in the community with me all shared the passion for hockey, and it was part of everyone’s life. Not only was it just my team, and New Mexico hockey, but all around the world. Sure, every sports fan base is going to say that their favorite sport is the best. But hockey fans have much different qualities than any other fans. Hockey in the United States is more of a North Eastern sport, due to the cold weathers and icy ponds, but hockey fans exist everywhere. A big trend in the hockey community is how fans are born. For me, I followed in my fathers and older brothers footsteps and became a hockey player. It just runs in your family. I guess being a hockey fan is sort of a legacy. I know the typical idea of a hockey fan is a guy representing his favorite jersey, holding a beer, and screaming at the top of his lungs. But, no one truly knows a hockey fan unless you are one yourself. We all share the same goals and passions. It all comes down to the love of the game, and even if two teams are complete rivals, they all share that passion. Within the hockey discourse community, everyone can relate to on another. They all want to see their team win the Stanley Cup, or even win their own championship at local rinks. Many traditions are shared throughout, such as the “Hat Trick”. When a player scored 3 goals in a game, fans will throw their hats on the ice. This dates back to early hockey years when a team manager threw his cowboy hat on the ice when a rookie scored his first 3 goals. The sport of hockey shares a very unique language, well, all sports do. But a lot of people wouldn’t know what I’m talking about...
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