Reasons to Go to Paris

Topics: Paris, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Reasons To Go To Paris
By [insert name here]

As many would have known, Paris is the capital city of France, a country in the middle of Europe. It is also known to be the “City of Love”. As for I, [insert name here], I had never been to Paris before and the only times that I’ve been to Europe would be during my birth and my vacation to England to see my birthplace in the year 2009. This here essay is made entirely by me to provoke my mother on letting me follow my father to Paris. I hope that she finds this essay very convincing. There are many reasons for anyone in the world to go to Paris. I also have my reasons on going there. I am a big fan of Europe countries. Especially France due to the fact that it is the home to the finest restaurants and the greatest chefs in the world. Though I doubt that the food will be halal, I would still like to visit there just to see it. Besides, there are probably some restaurants that sells halal food. Every country in the world has at least one place that sells halal food. The second reason for me to go there would be that there might be no other chance for me to go there. I am in Form 4 or 16 years old. The age my mom calls “the perfect age for teens to be free and live the life of a child for one last time before entering adulthood”. Once I enter Form 5 or the age of 17, I would be too caught up with my schoolwork and my education that I won’t be able to focus on everything else such as leisure. Form 5 is a very important age for me and I won’t take any chances on ruining it. I even turned down an offer from my parents to go overseas and visit new places because I was too focused on my PMR examinations. This is the perfect year for me to explore because there’s a high chance that the very idea of travelling would slip my mind once I’ve grown up. I’ll probably forget the whole thing like the very idea never existed. Third, the very journey of going there will give great experience to me. For me, the...
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