Reasons of Gun Problem in America

Topics: United States Constitution, President of the United States, United States Congress Pages: 10 (3817 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Abstract: Such many shootings as Denver Theater shooting, the Sikh Temple shooting, not only tear the heart of Americans, but also arouse the rest of world’s curiosity about this heated matter, having a great impulse to explore the reason behind the problem. Uncovered in the United States "foreign policy", from the assassination of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy in 1968 till now, there are about 30000 people die each year under shooting, that means more than 80 people were killed by guns a day on the average. It is analysed that although there are innumerable deaths of shooting, but the America still can't enforce any gun control policy. The idea is that the gun is a tool for rebelling against tyranny and a tool for self-defense, since the war of independence, has been deeply implanted in the bone marrow of American culture. The right to bear guns also has gradually become the fourth freedom issued in American constitutional except the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want. In the face of frequent "shooting", there is another voice in the United States, "guns don't kill people, criminal kill". In the fact, to completely ban guns has never been an option for Americans, what can really be discussed is only the matter of gun control. Gun control in the United States is the battle of civil rights, the power of the government, different interest groups, and the maintenance of public order. And the gun problem in the United States now is particular example of Americans’ contradiction. This paper is based on the standing point of "American contradiction", to analyse the gun crimes in the United States, to probe into the origin, development and prospect of gun control, a highly controversial issue in American society. In this article, it is stated that the emergence of gun problem is accumulated from the early history of the United States.

Key words: American Contradiction Gun Control

The custom of carrying guns
The appearance of gun problem in the United States is closely connected with the gun culture which has been formed with the development of American history. However, the formation of gun culture was originated from the American’s special early history. From the colonial period to Westward Movement and Civil War, gun has played a very important role in those processes. In the sixteenth century, when the first group of Europeans arrived at America Continent they were faced with severe external environments—the assault of ferocious wild animals, the rebellions of the local Indians. Therefore, they carried guns whenever they were working in the field, hunting or harvesting, even in the time when they were going to church to do worships. In order to compete in America and to establish colonies, European’s countries of power—Britain, France, Spain had been in war for more than one and half a centry, which made the possession of guns for civilians as the necessary. To defend the colonies, local authorities of each colony issued statutes of establishing militia that required citizens to own guns or even punished the people who did not have gun. The conflicts between different classes was very acute in the colonies, like the North America 1676 Bacon’s Rebellion and the continuous black slaves rebellions in the South America, etc. All in all, because of the dangerous environment of violence, war and blood, and because of those immigrants carriages of guns, the immigrants were able to protect the safety of their life and properties, and guaranteed themselves success in the wars against Indians and the wars in the process of Westward Movement. During the American Independent War, the militias had played an decisive role, which strengthened the importance of ownership and use of guns. The first shot in Lexington by militias started the prelude the war of independence. Till today, in the eyes of many Americans, the gain of independence and liberty of the United States was owned to, on a...
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