Reasons for Allied Victory in World War One

Topics: World War II, World War I, Allies of World War II Pages: 4 (1386 words) Published: September 3, 2013
The extent to which a country can establish and retain a state of ‘Total War’ inevitably leads to victory. In World War 1, the allied forces ability to achieve this resulted in their success. The production of munitions and American funding, resource allocation and the British Blockade, gave the allies a clear advantage on the home front. The utilization of the superior weaponry and manpower as well as improved tactics on the battlefront gave the allies an upper hand in this war of attrition. The final loss of German morale on both the home and battlefronts, directly influenced by allied propaganda, the arrival of the Americans and Germany’s political instability, led to the cessation of the war and thus, allied victory.

The allied and German home fronts became increasingly varied as the war progressed. The Allies effective way of producing munitions, their effective allocation of resources between civilian and military need and British Blockade, placed them above their enemy. This therefore displays the allies’ successful application of ‘Total War’. With the introduction of the ‘Ministry of Munitions’ in Britain, 1915, under the control of Lloyd George, the British government was able to take over the industries and transform over 218 factories into arsenals. This greatly increased the number of weapons manufactured and thus the allies’ chances of winning the war of attrition. As source C depicts, both Britain and France together were able to produce approximately 7618 tanks and 126,131 aircraft, whereas Germany only built 20 tanks and 48,537 aircraft. American Funding into the British home front increased the rate of munitions being manufactured. As the war continued, economic factors became a serious issue and gaining entrance to the American market indicated survival. The Allied forces were able to sustain a balance between providing resources to the soldiers and the public. The German U-boat campaign affected food supplies in Britain. Although prices...
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