Reason Was the Result of the Enlightenment

Topics: Reason, Philosophy, Deism Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: March 29, 2013
What was the Enlightenment’s most important contribution to the age of Atlantic Revolution? * The establishment of reason, logic, and rationality in society was the Enlightenment’s most important contribution to both the age of Atlantic Revolution and to the future of society as a whole. * This is not to say that people of reason and logic did not previously exist; however, due to religious superstition, controlling governments, socioeconomic rank, poverty, and prejudice, society was not conducive to the development of new ideas, especially those that promoted change. * Many philosophers believed that reason alone could reveal archetypical truths about the world and life. * This led to the explosion of using science (thus logic and reason) to try to explain natural phenomena. * This implies that people went against the belief that the supernatural and godly works are solely responsible for every aspect of life (and outcomes of decisions) * Thus came the idea that we, as humans, can control our own destiny with our own decisions, and that we might not have a set, predestined life. * Atheism becomes an important aspect to the Enlightenment * God’s role becomes reduced in the minds of many people – from the ultimate controller of absolutely everything to an idle watcher of events and determiner of afterlife * Reason and logic also led to a literary explosion

* Filled with novel ideas coming to life via dissertations, books, journals, pamphlets, booklets, and more. * With the literary explosion, this leads to the interest and expansion of education (importance of becoming literate) * Without educated and literate people, the Enlightenment would not have been possible. The Enlightenment needed people to write their ideas, and also needed people with the ability to comprehend those ideas, read for themselves, and make up their minds about their own personal beliefs....
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