Reality Check

Topics: Teacher, Education, Student Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: June 19, 2013
While I’m on my way going to school, I saw students who walk fast as they can, doing their best not to came late to their class, rushing down to the empty hall to find their next class. It’s a good example of student using his time in a proper way. Seeing those students who are dedicated made more inspired in studying and not wasting time doing unnecessary things. They’re fallowing the standard that Bicol University had. Entering Bicol University College of Education is not an easy decision, why? Because BUCE has a high standard of education and it is known as the “Center of Excellence”. And being a part of it was a hard challenge for me. Let’s focus in the phrase “Center of Excellence”. Three little words but it has too much meaning. Natalia et al, 2006 once said that “Teaching profession has a unique standing among the professional fields. Education student do not begin to study their field with a blank mind but from a prior impression about what teaching means. Unlike other fields where student have not come into contact with those practicing, education students has personal experiences with different teachers. Before deciding to become a teacher, the students usually have opportunity to learn about teaching as profession. They know much of what a teacher does and have witnessed several teachers doing teaching practically.” So, what was this mean BUCE being the “Center of Excellence”? I do believe that BUCE being the Center of Excellence must facilitate the collection of standards and practices throughout an organization. They must produce globally competitive graduates. I have a professor who says that we must compete for our future and to be globally competitive students. But in my own perception we don’t need to compete for our future, and if we keep on competing with others there will be no peace at all. The problem is not the University but the students. Bicol University is known to provide good quality of graduates. This University does not only aim to...
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