Real Parenting

Topics: Childhood, Child, Love Pages: 4 (1531 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Real Parenting .
If asked to recollect some of our dreadful moments from our childhood , it automatically goes back to days when we shuddered by the mere thought of being sent to a strict boarding school, locked up in a dark mosquito room, stretching our hands and knuckles to feel the metal rulers painfully strike us. Bullied by the kids from neighborhood, molested by the sex starved pedestrians at the bus stops, being picked by older siblings and relatives for no fault, harsh blow of bad words and scolding from parents, these are just enough to make us flinch with horror. My idea is to bring an open letter to parents and guardians to understand what transpires in reality yet, gets shoved under carpets of ignorance and myths about raising perfect children. Parenting and guardianship is more than what’s been believed to be and said to be. It requires same amount of training, learning and understanding as doing anything else .Parenting does not mandate on having an exceptionally high qualification, degree or diploma. It doesn’t matter how much is your IQ , how good are your looks , how heavy is your pocket or how wealthy are you. It only requires physical and mental participation to make life simple, warm with genuine love and regard to your little ones and sometimes even becoming a child to raise a child! For that your own experience of childhood is important .What went missing or was found in abundance in those golden years has made us what we are today. But a difficult little ingrate takes in form of an innocent child only when there is lack of consistent encouragement, affection, imbalance of discipline and fun. This breeds bad habits which in turn give rise to bad behaviors. Some of the parents unsuccessful in their attempts to correct their kids prefer to seek professional help from schools and specialists. Again, parenting is not a mediocre business to give off your difficult child in the custody of ruthless and sinister beings to rectify and instill in...
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