Real Friend

Topics: Friendship, Karl Marx, Virtue, Interpersonal relationship / Pages: 4 (759 words) / Published: Apr 18th, 2013
A real friend is one who stands by his friend in the hour of his need person deserts his friend at a time when he needs him the most, he cannot be called a real friend if two persons simply know each other, and they can call friends. The real test of friendship is, therefore, not mere acquaintance but the will to render timely help to a friend in distress. It is indeed very di to find a true friend in this world.
Of course, there have been a few examples of true friendship in this Lord Krishna and Susana were class-fellows. They had studied under same Guru. When they grew up, Lord Krishna became a king, but became a pauper. Once Sudama went to Lord Krishna to seek his help, Krishna welcomed his old friend with open arms. He sent out his men to a palatial house for Sudama and gave liberal financial assistance to his ft to overcome their poverty. Lord Krishna thus proved to be a real friend of’ Sudama.
Another classical example is that of the abiding friendship between’ Marx and Engels. Karl Marx was a great philosopher but very poor, where friend Engels was a rich mill-owner. The friendship between them was so1 that they wrote books together. Engels always helped his friend Marx money.
Nowadays true and faithful friends are very rare. All that glitters is gold. We should always distinguish between good and bad friends.
We should remember that only a person who is sincere and honest prove to be a good friend. A good friend is a source of happiness he not only our joys but also our sorrows.
A rich student can help his poor friend with money. If the poor friend is brilliant in studies, he can help his rich friend by helping him in his studied other words, each person should help the other with whatever one Friendship is a two-way traffic. It grows on mutual trust and help.
I am very fortunate that I have a real friend. He is Mr. Mohan Lai. He best friend. We have been studying together in the same school for teeny He lives near my house. We spend most of our time

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