Reading Habits of Newspapers Among People

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Reading habits of newspapers among people


Design a questionnaire of no more than 10 questions to carry out a survey among friends, family, colleagues and associates to discover their reading/viewing habits/tastes in relation to news. When you have surveyed at least 25 people, write a short report in a news story style (150-200 words) describing and explaining your findings. Use statistical data gleaned from your survey to back up results. Include a breakdown of your survey sample in your report and include a copy of your questionnaire.


Nowadays, when all are more or less educated, almost everybody needs some daily newspaper or other. A person who never reads a newspaper can never keep in touch with the times. We have to know something of what is going on in the world, not only for our own satisfaction, but also to be able to converse intelligently with our fellows. And there are, in every country, plenty of newspapers of all kinds to satisfy the most vivacious reader. People with different tastes look for different kinds of news in their newspapers.


After a questionnaire, it could be found that the number of people who read a newspaper in print has declined. People are spending more time with the news than over much of the past decade. Digital platforms are playing a larger role in news consumption, and they sum more than making up for the modest declines in the audience for traditional platforms. The proportion of people who get news from traditional media platforms- television, radio and print- has been stable or edging downward in the last few years. Roughly, public say they go online for news- on par with radio, and slightly higher than daily newspapers. And when e-mail, social networks, podcasts, cell phones are added in, they get news from internet or one or more mobile digital source. New technologies are being integrated into news consumption habits. When asked to children, a higher proportion of...
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