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Topics: Rodent, Avi Pages: 3 (481 words) Published: April 25, 2015

By: Lana McInall
February 21, 2015

Thesis: Reading powers on the book Poppy by Avi

1: Transform
-Poppy thought that porcupines ate mice until she meet Ereth the Porcupine -She found out Mr.Ocax the Great Horned Owl was actually afraid of something and was trying to hide it.

2: Visualize
-My visualization of Poppy
-My visualization of Mr.Ocax

3: Question
-Why did Mr.Ocax want to hide his fears?
-Why did Ereth like salt so much even though he is a porcupine?

Reading Powers in the Book Poppy
By: Lana McInall
February 21, 2015

This essay will be about reading powers in the book Poppy by Avi. These are the reading powers I am doing the book on: transform, visualize, and question. For my essay I am writing about reading powers. I am writing about the reading powers in Poppy.

The first reading power is transform. When Poppy was a young mouse she was taught by her parents that porcupine eat mice. When she was on her journey to find New House she ran in to a porcupine, and learned that Mr.Ocax the “King of Dimwood Forest” was the one who lied to Poppy’s parents about porcupines. He was actually the one who was afraid of porcupines. So she was no longer afraid of porcupines, but Mr.Ocax was still trying to eat her. That’s the conclusion of my first reading power.

The next reading power is visualize. For my visualization of Poppy since she is a deer mouse. I imagne her fur having a creamy brown colour with white fur on her stomach. Also some of here characteristics were risk-taking, courageous, and kind. Mr.Ocax is a great horned owl, so I imagined him as having brown feathers with gray coloured feathers scattered around. I also imagined him with bright yellow eyes, and a shiny , black beak. Those are my visualizations of Poppy and Mr.Ocax.

For my final reading power I decided to go with question. My first question is: Why did Mr.Ocax want to hide his fears? I asked this question when I...
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