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Topics: Quality of life, Morality, Meaning of life Pages: 7 (2283 words) Published: August 29, 2011
→Faith in Almighty in action
Participants may choose to integrate the value of faith in God in their subject areas/lessons, in their family life through the arrangement of stronger faith practices in the home (e.g. praying before having meals, praying of the rosary, encouraging children to develop a habit of prayer and reflection especially when faced with moral discernment), and, their daily lives by always attributing one’s effort to God and making Him a part of the choices and decisions that one makes.

Personal Resolution:
Considering the significance of my prayer in my life and in my country’s history, I am more fully aware of the things I can accomplish when I live a life of faith. I have in me the desire to do right things, make moral decisions, and work to the best of my God-given gifts. I shall strive to hold my moral ground when I am confronted with things that undermine my values and those which may injure the well being of others.

My faith is a gift that strengths me in times of crisis and helps me arrive at conscientious decisions. I am aware of its manifold benefits and I shall strive to nurture this gift through prayer and reflection. I also understand that my faith in God can bring me to appreciate myself, my family, friends and colleagues, my job and my people better. Thus, I will do my best to be a discerning individual with God as my source of wisdom in everything that I do. With my resolve to be a better person, I can go further by putting my faith into action. I shall live a life that is based on the right values and serve as an inspiration to others who may be struggling to strengthen their own faith in God.

→Respect for life in action
Participants may choose to integrate the value of respect for life in their subject areas/lessons, in their family life through a deeper personal reflection and consciousness of practices in the home (e.g. instilling of disciple, recognition of the uniqueness and worth of each member, role modeling of parents so that their children may grow with dignity and right values; and in stressing the importance of health and personal development and in their daily lives and communities by always recognizing the dignity of others and appreciating the value of the life of every person. Participants may choose to make a personal pledge to consciously uphold life in every circumstance and shun violence as a means of achieving an end.

→Order in action
Some examples of how students may cultivate and encourage the value of order in their area of concern: 1. Develop a good set of study habits and zealously follow them through everyday. 2. Develop your organization skills and train yourself to always practice good grooming and gentlemanly/ lady-like conduct. 3. Learn to manage your resources, studies and extra-curricular activities well. Learn to identify your priorities. Remember that your main priority as a student is to study well and work towards developing and perfecting your talents and gifts. 4. Follow and respect rules and regulations in and outside the school. Know that the rules are meant to keep things in order so that you may be properly formed into a good citizen and person of worth.

Personal Reflection:
As a good citizen, understand that the value of order is important in your quest to improve yourself as a person and as a citizen. You shall strive to arrange your life in a certain way that will allow you to be a more productive citizen. You shall inspire others by your example to live peaceful and more meaningful lives by living the value of order everyday.

→Work in action
Students may go into a period of personal reflection as to how they value the work hard and the right values and attitudes towards their works and dealings. Students may also opt to evaluate their actual work attitudes, motivations and priorities. This will allow them to direct themselves towards...
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