Reaction Paper: Dances with Wolves

Topics: Sioux, English-language films, Love Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: October 2, 2012
The movie Dances With Wolves was a very symbolic movie and I really enjoyed getting into it. Every character in the movie was brilliant and could last in the wild, and even communicate with the other characters. Two Socks was not a human, yet he could communicate with Dunbar and understand he was not going to be hurt by him. Even Cisco, the horse, understood when he was being taken away; he knew to knock the Indian off and go back to where he belonged. All the characters had great communication and it was awesome how John ended up learning the Sioux ways.

It was very interesting to watch the three Sioux Indians communicate with John, because it was very difficult for one another to understand what they were saying. They started out very small but eventually John was able to speak their whole language. Even Stands With a Fist had great communication and could speak both languages. This is why they end up falling in love.

Dances With Wolves and Stands With a Fist fall in love throughout the days they are together. They are the only white ones in the tribe. They always enjoyed being around each other and they both could speak English and the Sioux language. I thought it was a good thing that they got away to live a happy life together.

I thought Two Socks and Cisco dying at the end was unnecessary. I thought they were also very brilliant characters and did not deserve to die. It made me sad and I wish they had lived on.
I really enjoyed watching all the symbolism throughout the movie and I would be one to watch it again. The acting was great and the way they used the animals was very cool. Overall I thought this was a great movie.
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