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*Rehabilitation of EDSA*
*Reclamation of Manila Bay*

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NAEG, Nelian N.

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Prof. Arnold Germina

Reaction Paper
Rehabilitation of EDSA:
The rehabilitation of EDSA is one of the nicest ideas to ease the traffic in Metro Manila especially it is a major highway and almost everybody use it. In contrast to that, Pres. Aquino is right to suspend it and make further study about it. Surely, it will take time to rehabilitate it, test the patience of the motorists and commuters and may occurred problems in case it will be done without a good plan. That is the biggest responsible of the agencies that cover this area. They must prepare a best rehabilitation plan so that it will not cause so many problems. An additional measure to lessen the inconvenience to motorist is one that the plan must have. In my opinion, rehabilitating the EDSA is good but the government should think of a better, fast and not time consuming solution to help ease the stressful traffics.

Reclamation of Manila Bay:
As a tourism student and one of the persons who should take cares the natural resources, I disagree about the reclamation of one of the finest port in Asia, the Manila Bay. In my own opinion, instead of reclaiming it, why not restore it? It can help a lot in the reservation of Mother Earth. There are many reasons to disagree with it. First, the further reclamation of Manila Bay will endanger the fragile marine ecosystem which contributes to food production and mitigates the disastrous effects of calamities and floods in nearby areas. Second, Manila Bay also has historical and cultural value that must be preserved for future generations. Third, Manila Bay belongs to everybody. This is essentially a finance driven project and will only benefit a few people. Fifth, where the soil is sourced? Whether it came from Manila Bay or any mountains, certainly it will still affect the environment. Last but...
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