Rawl's Justice Is Fairness

Topics: Law, Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, Dalai Lama Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: October 9, 2000
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John Rawls never claimed to know the only way to start a society, but he did suggest a very sound and fair way to do so. He based his just scenario on two principles of justice. His first principle of justice was that everyone should have the same rights as others. His following policy decision was that in the event of any inequalities, they should be to the benefit to everybody, and available to all people in the society. This original Rawl's approach to justice has been highly revered by philosophers to this day. This is mostly because Rawl's has thought up one of the fairest Utopia since the days of Socrates. This is not an easy of a task as it sounds. Though when analyzed by even the most naïve philosophers, it seems that Rawl's scenario base of principles are pretty obvious and simple. Maybe because some of these same principles can be found in present day society. The United States tries to pride itself in maintaining these two principles at all costs. In some countries even regarding these principles as fair can cause you to go away for a very long time. The most commonly known to the term "political prisoner" is Gedhun Choekyi Niyami, the eleventh Panchen Lama, as proclaimed by the Dalai Lama in 1995. The record holding youngest political prisoner is a nine-year-old Chinese boy seized by the Chinese Government. A parent should have no fear of losing a child like this. Under Rawl's system, tragedies such as this are virtually impossible. Under the first principle that states the rights of all are equal.

Rawl's principles were found justified by visualizing real people forming a system of laws including the ramifications of a "justified complaint". A justified complaint is an accusation by a member of society against another member of society. To have a system of justice the society must have means of answering the beckoning of the populace. If a society does not attend to the offense...
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