Raving Fans

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FSE Assignment - Raving Fans
Kyle Tofflemire
Ken Blanchard’s "Raving Fans" is a book that details an interesting business approach. The protagonist, who is called “The Area Manager” is new to his job and doesn’t know where to start. Luckily, he’s visited by a person (or being) known only as “Charlie”. Charlie’s purpose is to show The Area Manager the three "magic secrets" to make what he calls raving fans, the ultimate in customer service. Charlie emphasizes that satisfying customers isn’t good enough nowadays, and that the best way to be a successful is to create raving fans. Be different, be better. Throughout the book, Charlie teaches The Area Manager about the mysterious "three secrets" by taking him to different businesses that use them to great effect. The Area Manager is taken to a department store, grocery store, manufacturing plant and a gas station where he learns from Charlie and the store managers regarding how to make raving fans.

The main ideas in the book are the three secrets to creating raving fans. The first one being “decide what you want”. This secret is taught by “Leo Varley”, the owner of the department store. The secret is then better explained on by Sally, the grocery store manager. Deciding what you want is tailoring your business to the customer's needs.. You have to imagine the perfect service you want to give the customers, and that perfect vision is the goal. With this it’s what you want that comes first. The second secret is learned at a manufacturing plant from Bill, the plant manager. “Discover what the customer wants”. The key to this point is to find out what exactly the customer wants, and alter your vision as needed.. The customer’s vision will probably just focus on a few things. Your own vision has to fill in what's left over. It is important to know when to ignore what the customer wants, or straight up tell the customer to leave. While the customer's vision is very important, it's your business, so your vision...

Cited: Blanchard, Kenneth H., and Sheldon M. Bowles. Raving Fans: a Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service. New York: Morrow, 1993. Print.
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