Raving Fans

Topics: Need, Customer, Want Pages: 4 (1186 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Raving Fans Sergio Kunesh Kenneth Blanchard November 10, 2013 Sheldon M. Bowles

All “successful organizations have one common central focus: customers”. Raving Fan’s is a customer needs story that teaches how to help deliver what a customer desires from an institute or organization. It’s a story that makes a “raving fan service” a constant feature and not a fad that is practice one day and leaves the next.

The story starts out with an area manager who is brand new to the position and is very nervous about performing to the expectations of the president. One day the area manager was sitting in his office when an unexpected stranger approached him. The area manager was approached by his “male” Fairy Godmother, Charlie. Charlie came to the area manager to help him obtain three secrets to create raving fans, the ultimate in customer service. Charlie would take the area manager to multiple locations to not only learn what the three secrets were, but to understand them.

The first location that Charlie took the area manager to was a small department store, Varley. Varley was known for their excellent customer service and was in the management of Leo the owner. Leo was the first give the area manager the first secret. The secret was on a shield engraved on a bracelet that was placed on area manager’s wrist. The shield then read, “Decide What You Want”. The area manager was not impressed by the first secret and confused in the meaning. Wanting to understand better, Charlie then took the area manager to a grocery store to better understand the meaning.

The particular grocery store that Charlie took the area manager to was also known for its exceptional customer service and was manager by a woman named Sally. Sally’s grocery store...
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