Rationale Smoking

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The Early Effects of Smoking to Teenagers

From generation to generation, we've seen the early effects of smoking on young people. The society use to blame the parents of these adoloscents for lack of time and guidance they ought to give to their kids. Some blame the government for allowing the legality of tobacco companies to sell their product, although everyone knows the ill effects of smoking to human health. Out of curiousity, teenagers tend to waste time and money just to fill in their inquisitive minds with “how to smoke cigarettes”, instead of concentrating on their studies. They forget the risk they are putting into their health, thinking that a small ounce of happiness is enough to cover up their flaws and shortcomings. Big things do come from small things. When forming a habit, constant practice leads to permanent routines and some goes for a lifetime. Unhealthy habits, such as smoking cigarettes or eating a poor diet, can have lifetime effects that threatens people with serious health problems as they grow older. It is hard to alter routines especially the ones you are used to do. This is true, especially in the case of physical and mentally addictive practice such as tobacco use. However, ill effects caused by smoking at a young age can be alter by quitting.

Teenagers these days are stubborn and have grown brats. The increasing number of young smokers called the attention of the government to do something about the situation so the congress passed and approved many laws.
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