Ratio Analysis of Olympic Industries Ltd

Topics: Balance sheet, Asset / Pages: 7 (1724 words) / Published: Nov 12th, 2013
Olympic Industries Limited is one of the longest running and most reputed manufacturing-based companies in Bangladesh, with a heritage of over 50 years and group profile including interests in Pharmaceuticals, Power, and Information Technology, among other FMCG. It began in June 1979 as Bengal Carbide Limited, starting battery production in April 1982. The success of the battery unit, as well as the trust of its customers in its goods led to the massive diversification of its product line. Starting with steel production dating back to 1950, Olympic has steadily diversified over the years into various consumer goods including biscuits, confectioneries, batteries, and ball pens, with over 40 brands and 53 SKU’s. The company has gotten to where it is today by staying true to its core beliefs, in providing high quality, innovative products which its consumers can rely on.

Olympic Industries Limited is currently the market leader in the biscuit market and second in position in the battery market in Bangladesh. It has been able to stride forward due to its continuous vision for growth, its modern manufacturing facilities, and its extensive sales and distribution network, and it has always yielded this influence to give back to the community.

1.1 Current Ratio:
Provides an indication of the liquidity of the business by comparing the amount of current assets to current liabilities. A business's current assets generally consist of cash, marketable securities, accounts receivable, and inventories. Current liabilities include accounts payable, current maturities of long-term debt, accrued income taxes, and other accrued expenses that are due within one year. In general, businesses prefer to have at least one dollar of current assets for every dollar of current liabilities. A current ratio significantly higher than the industry average could indicate the existence of redundant assets. Conversely, a current ratio

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