Raskolnikov vs. Razumihin

Topics: Crime and Punishment, Love, Friendship Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: December 8, 2013
The Power of Love
United we stand, divided we fall, doesn’t only apply to a country, but it also applies to our everyday friendships as well. United, Razumihin changes Raskolnikov to a positive perspective; consequently, separated from Razumihin, Raskolnikov fails at everyday life. Razumihin's dedication, love, and caring nature towards his friend Raskolnikov and his family contrasts against the selfish, arrogant nature of Raskolnivok’s actions throughout the book, testifies to the power of love and friendship and its ability to renew a person.

Raskolnikov’s overbearing personality exhibits extreme character traits of an antagonist in Crime and Punishment. His consistently negative actions towards the people surrounding him manifest his intolerable ways. During a period of mental instability, Raskolnikov escapes his home and meets up with Razumihin and asserts,” Didn’t I tell you plainly enough to-day that you were torturing me, that I was… sick of you!”(page 198). Raskolnikov reveals a verbally vicious side in this encounter: this accentuates a portion of his foul side.

Raskolnivok contrasts Razumihin through his overly positive and helping nature in the novel. This gives the reader a clear view of an admirable man. Razumihin’s first revealing in the novel shows exaggeration in his positive and well-rounded ways, “He was an exceptionally good-humored and candid youth, good-nature to the point of simplicity though both depth and dignity lay concealed under that simplicity. The better of his comrades understood this, and all were fond of him. He was extremely intelligent, though he was certain rather a simpleton at times.--” (page 63). Through his honorable intentions, Razumihin illuminates Raskolnikov’s poor decisions, and with this, shows the depth of Razumihin’s influence to renew Raskolnikov.

Razumihin cares significantly for his friends; therefore, his understanding, and accepting personality gives Raskolnikov the encouragement to grow, “ – I have...
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