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Rape - Breaking the silence and act ...
The figures speak for themselves ... The situation is alarming. Every day, 903 rapes, about 330,000 each year, taking place in the world. In Mauritius, according to the latest statistics, 466 cases of sexual assault were reported in 2011, 58 cases of rape and 55 of sodomy. However, the taboo still exists around this crime. Worse, most victims remain silent.

The world is still in shock after the rape of an Indian student last December in New Delhi. The young woman was assaulted by six men, then with a rusty iron bar before being thrown with his friend on the road. Seriously injured, the victim, who was 23 years old, succumbed to his injuries. If this drama has angered thousands of residents of New Delhi, this is primarily because the plight of the student is symptomatic of a permanent tension in the city, where many young women are regularly assaulted or threatened aggression.

On 14 January 2013, India was again shaken by rape. That of a seven year old girl. She was raped in the grounds of her school during recess. This case, described as "rape too" by thousands of Indians, has led many of them to demand greater security for women and better consideration by the police and justice, rapes or sexual assault.

No later than last week, still in India, we learn that three sisters, aged 6 to 11 years, were raped and murdered before being thrown into a well. It happened in a village in Bhandara district in the state of Maharashtra. In Mauritius, in the West, is a South African married to a Mauritian, who was recently the victim of a sexual assault. Each year, at home, there are dozens of cases of rape are reported. It is not just the sum of individual crimes classified in various facts, but a brand that our society remains profoundly unequal in gender relations.

Insidious evolution
For Lindsey Collen, leader of Muvman Liberasyon Fam (MLF), rape "is changing sneaky." "There is an increase in the number of rape cases in Mauritius because women are now less reluctant to denounce their aggressors. In the 70s, rape was a crime that provoked shame. It was very difficult, if not impossible, for a woman to be considered by the police, members of his own family and society. the victim was blamed for his ordeal. It was pointing his education and clothing. Moreover, the loss of virginity before marriage was a very taboo pushing victims to close on themselves. Gradually changing the mentality, where the growing number of reported rapes, "she says.

Many cases of rape are reported in countries such as India and the Middle East, where equality between men and women is not yet a reality. This despite the laws. But is it eu'en Maurice? According to Lindsey Collen, our company has kept its patriarchal structure, despite the advances. "There is a hierarchy of officials at different levels. Whether in the private or public sector, patriarchal authority is preferred.

Women struggle to integrate positions. Regarding rape, there is a paradox. Men tend to treat their women as property. Forced sex within marriage is trivialized. This explains the tendency to make rape a crime banal and trivial. To change the situation, Mauritians must develop an aversion against rape. We should all be disgusted and angry against the aggressors. There is, therefore, a great work to do in Mauritius, "says Lindsey Collen.

To contradict the old local saying "after death, the tea," the Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) is gearing to reduce the rate of rape and other sexual assaults in the island. According to Inspector Bhimsen Ramah, many Mauritians are unaware of the consequences of their actions. "We have put in place programs highly structured information in order to counteract this social scourge. We regularly visit primary and secondary schools to reach as many young people. The officers of the Crime Prevention Unit organize workshops in community centers, "he says.

Protocol assistance to victims
A Memorandum of...
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