Ramon Magsaysay

Topics: Philippines, Hukbalahap, Ramon Magsaysay Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: April 16, 2011
Ramon Magsaysay was the third president of the Republic of the Philippines after World War II. His life had great impact not only in his country but on many people in many lands. He was one of the outstanding leaders of his time.

Ramon Magsaysay commanded the admiration, respect and affection of people because he was a simple, humble man; because he cared for all people as individuals and believed in their dignity and importance; and because he had the courage of his convictions. His objective was to improve the lot of his fellow Filipinos and he approached the task with selfless devotion. He was convinced that government, to last and to be sound, must have integrity and reflect the will of the people.

A man of greatness of spirit, he saw his fellow human beings born with the right to live in liberty and happiness. He angered at injustice and the violation of high principles. He worked to build a nation -- a world -- in which all people were free and lived in honor and peace with one another.

The world is richer and better because Ramon Magsaysay lived. His spirit will continue to be an inspiration. He exemplifies the highest type of leadership. His administration was considered one of the cleanest and most corruption-free; his presidency was cited as the Philippines' Golden Years. Trade and industry flourished, the Philippine military was at its prime, and the Filipino people were given international recognition in sports, culture and foreign affairs. The Philippines ranked second in Asia's clean and well-governed countries. Magsaysay achieved to suppress the Huk as Luis Taruc surrendered to his administration. Majority of his programs that were implemented helped a lot in the fulfillment of this action. True to his words, this became reality during his term, the Filipinos most especially the common man was given the opportunity to be heard about their complaints and that their grievances were taken seriously. The masses had learned to...
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