"Raisin in the Sun"- play vs movie

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The film did a very good job of portraying the emotions the characters were experiencing during the play.

The strongest scene in he book would have to be when Walter turned down the money he would get for not moving into the neighborhood . I felt this took a lot of guts on his part. I also thought that this was a turning point in the novel. By Walter not accepting the money it showed that he not only grew through out the play, but also that he put many things into perspective. His family became the most integrate part of his life, by the end of the novel he realized what was more important. He took a stand for not only him self but for his family when he didn't accept the buyout. I think Walter's unexpected decision to save his integrity by sticking with the move to Claybourne was the best. In snuck up on you better in the book and a certain intensity hung in the air longer.

I think that the best scene in the motion picture was when Walter had his hand on the check they received. The director focused right in on Walters face and you could actually see a crazed look on Walters face. It foreshadowed that Walter was going to do something.

I felt that when I watched the film I felt more emotion. In a way I enjoy reading more because in your mind you can imagine whatever you want, but in a film, you see what the director sees. I still think that being able to view the film helps convey the emotions that each character feels simply by being able to watch them interact with one another. You seemed to get attached to each individual character.

I think it goes without saying that Bobo's bad news is by far the most dramatic scene in the motion picture. Although it was also very good in the book I believe the film portrayed the emotion of despair better through the facial reactions of the actors. Of the few changes in the film none of them really bothered me. In fact I'm glad the Ms. Johnson seen was cut. The point was nagging and disruptive to the flow of the story. I do believe that the last discussion between Asagi and Beneatha was articulated better in the book. The whole, outlook on life as a Idealist or a Fatalist(Realist)in comparison to geometry carried much deeper in print.

I believe that the another good or second most intense scene in the motion picture of A Raisin in the Sun is when Ruth comes home from the doctor and reveals that she is pregnant, and then when Walter Lee hears the news later that she is thinking about an abortion, he has no reaction, doesn't try to stop her or anything. I think it is powerful because it shows how serious and driven he is about getting rich. I feel like that is all that Walter Lee wants; to be powerful, rich, successful, and most of all these are the only things that will make him happy. I have mixed emotions on Walter Lee as a character. In the play I felt more compassion for him, however when I viewed the film I disliked his character because of his refusal to look at the bigger picture. Perhaps because I am a person who is more like Mama or Ruth, I don't or I am very scared to take big risks. Perhaps this is why I have difficulty understanding why Walter can't pursue his dreams but in a more subdued or safer manner.

Usually, I enjoy the book over the film, however in this case I think the film is better. I wish that the book was set up as a novel instead of a play. I think a lot of the dramatic detail is lost in reading a play. I think the scene when Walter found out the money was gone was very strong in the movie, much more so than in the play. I also thought the scene with Lindner in the movie was more successful. I think in this case it better to hear the tone in the actors' voices

I feel another good scene in the motion picture occurred when Walter comes back from making the phone call to Karl Lindner and explains to his family his plan to take the white community's money that was offered to the Youngers in return to not move. The scene accomplished a few...
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