Rainbow Behind The Clouds: Essay: Rainbow Behind The Clouds

Topics: Rainbow Pages: 5 (1033 words) Published: November 1, 2015

Rainbow behind the clouds
Yes, he thought, yes, it's in the evening I will meet her. An inner cheers roared soul. Her, her. Final. Anyway, he was not rid of it dark, shadow, discomfort. Every time he talked to her, looked at her, thinking about her, he felt this discomfort. This gloomy, dark feeling that shook the he. What was it about her that made him feel like that? Her, with her long red hair that looked like a sunset when she walked on. The blue islands one could dream away and which could contain an entire galaxy. Her. With the beautiful lips and the apparent collarbone just stuck out from the sweater. He had so wanted to go over to her and talk more, learn more and be more with her, but every time he tried, came back shade. It felt as...

"It can not just be a bad day, there must be something that has happened to her." He did not know how he would sort it out or how he at all to...

Where has become of her? Is she sick? He suddenly felt a pang of loss and wished he could see her. "I hope she'll come back tomorrow." He said quietly to himself. Suddenly it dawned on him; he was in love! But how could he be in love with something that was so unpredictable? Her. As one day comes dressed in all colors of the rainbow and the next day looking like death. Her. Who was always so beautiful, but never said anything more philosophical than what she had eaten for dinner yesterday.

He chose to go straight home after school and do nothing the rest of the evening. That was the plan, until it rang the doorbell. Who could it be? No used to call in to him so late at night. He went down the stairs, across the papered hallway until he reached the dark brown oak doors. He opened it cautiously and looked. Where she stood. She with the red hair, the blue eyes and the black clothes. Why was she here? Was there anything she wanted? Was this some kind of joke?
"What are you doing here? You tend not to talk to me again. "He told her and rolled his weak eyes. She said nothing, just looked at...
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