Rain and Umbrella

Topics: Rain, Umbrella, Walking Pages: 3 (1275 words) Published: January 1, 2013
2.1Description of the product to be produced
Our company intends to produce an umbrella with extra added features. The features mentioned are light and fan. The light intensity of the light we used to attach at the umbrella is very high. The speed used of fan used also high which will give satisfaction to consumers. Other than that, rechargeable battery is used to supply the power in order to make light and fan in functional mode. The unique umbrella produced is used to protect the body from the ultraviolet ray which will harm the body when it’s exposed to the sun for too long. The fan attached to the umbrella is used to cool the pedestrians when walking in hot days. Besides that, this umbrella also will not let you exposed to the rain. When walking in the rain, this umbrella could use as the protection with the features of light which function as torchlight. This will guarantee safety for the pedestrian when walking at the night. All umbrellas in the market have no special features that we do have. The umbrellas in the market only use special characteristics such as design and look and also use the most popular brand names. The features that other umbrella is only to protect from the sun and rain. They are not pay attention to the needs of pedestrians which they are extremely hot even they are using the umbrella in hot days. So, in order to overcome this problem, our company intends to produce special umbrella that other company did not have. We introduce something new to the market which is umbrella with light and fan. The features are used to cool the body of the pedestrians when walking in hot and sunny days and protect them when walking in the rain at night with the light function as torchlight.

Our umbrella is made up from high quality nylon plus high quality tools and exclusive design. We have several designs with different and special looks in each design. One of the designs is made up from glow in the dark material so when...
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