Radio Frequency Identification

Topics: RFID, Bill of lading, Real-time computing Pages: 4 (795 words) Published: March 1, 2015
Radio Frequency Identification
As a major company supplying to large home improvement stores such as Home Depot, and Lowe’s, I believe that for efficiency, accuracy, availability, and most importantly; profit, we should adopt to the Radio Frequency Identification system, a/k/a RFID. With technology improving in our everyday live, we should take advantage and utilize it for our business needs. The paper and clipboard method seems to be inefficient, and less accurate in terms of recording and reporting inventory that is incoming or outgoing. With RFID, the benefits are great and are many, but I will only list the main ones; we can be sure that we save man time, have real-life access to our inventory, a more accurate cycle count of our inventory, and most importantly, an accurate amount of count that is leaving our inventory. There are also many factors that should be considered before adapting this RFID technology system into our company, such as; System costs, Software, One size fit all system.

Now the questions that we might have in mind are; how much is adapting to the RFID going to costs? What exactly are the benefits? Would the other vendors use the same technology as we do? For starters, adapting the RFID is going to cost our company $6,000. The breakdown of each item is attached to the end of this e-mail. The company that I decided to choose for this venture is Alien Technology. Alien Technology provides a starter kit that has all the necessary components that are required to start-up the RFID. Their RFID systems and readers feature EPC Gen 2. EPC Gen 2 is a standard-based approach that will adhere to EPC global standards, and ensure that the RFID system can evolve with minimal risks. This means our RFID tags are set to standard that are adopted by many of our vendors such as Home Depot, and Lowe’s. Minimizing the risks for us to switch RFID companies and or using alternative RFID components.

Next, the benefits of adapting the RFID are Accessibility,...
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