Racial Prejudice In Professional Sports

Topics: Major League Baseball, Baseball, Jackie Robinson, San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, National League / Pages: 3 (532 words) / Published: Oct 11th, 2016
Jackie accepted the contacted offered by Branch Rickey and he signed it during October of 1945 a day that broke the color barrier between baseball athletes. Jackie started with the Montreal Royals a minor league team associated with the Brooklyn Dodgers. During the beginning of the season, the Montreal Royals players were surprised and upset of accepting a black player to play with them. They never expected a black player would ever play in a major league baseball team. Jackie faced a lot of racial prejudice from the player and all the white spectators during the games. Jackie did not fight back because before signing the contract, he promised Rickey that he would not fight back. On the positive said many black spectators turned out in large numbers to the Montreal Royals games. Rickey continued to motivate Jackie to accomplish the title not racial fight with prejudice people. The season ended with the Montreal Royals winning the International League then they moved on to win the Little World Series title because of Jackie’s performance. Jackie finished the season as the International League batting champion proving has influence on the team’s accomplishment. After that season was over …show more content…
With more black players being accepted into white teams; leaving segregation as a bad custom. American sports are better know because of his courage fight segregation with actions at the field and silence against biases. The lesson that I have learned from Jackie is to do what I do best and never fight fire with fire. The personality teats that made him a great man are leadership, fighter, passionate, listener, and hopeful. He complained each one of those treats to fight segregation at America. The lesson I will apply to my life is never segregate people in any circumstances. Jackie is a person to look up to because he motivated black athletes to peruse their

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