Racial Equality

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Jesse Jackson versus Jesse Lee Peterson

James David DeBrodie
National University
SOC 350
Steve Albrecht
September 10, 2011

Jesse Jackson versus Jesse Lee Peterson
“The land of the free” is the motto of the country and the American people. This motto has made America what it is today, and has been an example of what America is known for, their freedom. The reason the American people are free is that they are protected by the Constitution of the United States. This Constitution protects everyone who resides in the United States, and provides for equality amongst all people. Over the past several decades racial equality has played a significant role in the making of history. America is a country in which racial equality has become an issue that has deepened the measures of civil rights. Before discussing racial equality one must know what racial equality is and why it is imperative to understand how it is portrayed throughout the United States. Racial equality assures that there is fair treatment and theory of equal opportunity for everyone present here in the United States. Equal applies to all individuals residing within the United States. Racial equality is not based on an individual’s race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin. Although racial equality is heavily supported amongst Americans, there are two individuals who support racial equality. Both these individuals are prominent Reverends within the United States and ironically enough they are both African-Americans by race. These two are Reverend Jesse Jackson and Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson. Although they both believe and support racial equality for all people, they do not practice the same views or opinions. As a matter of fact their views and opinions are at both ends of the spectrum and their views are extremely different and they do not have anything they agree on except equal rights. This paper is going to compare and contrast the differences between Jesse Jackson and Jesse Lee Peterson as they are individuals and their views they express in racial equality which are imposed on the citizens of the United States. The first area that the two Reverends are different is their affiliation with civil rights. Jesse Jackson and Jesse Lee Peterson have the same desire of racial equality and freedom for their American counterparts but their views and opinions could not be more controversial and opposite. Their personal beliefs are not in agreement with one another; they still want to protect the minority (African Americans) but at different costs. Some of the characteristics of these two gentlemen are similar. They both founded and are presidents of their organizations which support civil rights. Jesse Jackson and Jesse Lee Peterson have organizations that are in unity and support racial equality. These organizations both are faith-based on religious principles that they believe in. The groups that they are leaders of are African-American based groups and support the individuals within this race. The groups follow the spiritual logic that lead up the religious practices from each denomination. Jesse Jackson is a Baptist Minister whereas Jesse Lee Peterson is identified as Christian. Jesse Jackson’s group is the “Rainbow PUSH Coalition”, which supports the civil rights of African Americans. This entity is a combination of two organizations that had the same ultimate goal, racial equality and non discrimination against African Americans. The first entity “Operation PUSH was successful at raising public awareness to initiate corporate action and government sponsorship and developed an awareness of racial discrimination which was taking place. The National Rainbow coalition became a prominent political organization that raised public awareness on numerous political issues and consolidated a large voting block and established the people to be united to save humanity” (Jackson, 2010). This was the goal...

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