Rabbit Proof Fence

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Stolen Generations Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: August 5, 2013

50, 000 half- cast aboriginal children were taken away from their families in the 20th century. Can you imagine being taken away from everything and everyone you ever loved or cared about to never see them in your life again?

The film “The Rabbit Proof Fence” directed by Philip Noyce set in Western Australia highlights unfairness and the vulnerability of aboriginal people.

The stolen generation is a devastating story. It is honestly hard to believe that Australian men and women would take away innocent aboriginal children from their homes and communities ‘for their own good’ and that white Australians believed that it would be beneficial for Aboriginal children with some ‘white blood’ to grow up in white society. It shows how horrific the past generations were and how lucky we are to be growing up in such a fortunate generation.

Aboriginal children across the country were taken from their families in the mistaken belief that sending them away and placed in institutions and foster homes was right thing to do. Where they were trained as domestic servants or farm hands. Often not knowing if their parents were alive or searching for them. They were taught to reject their Aboriginality, and often experienced abuse and deprivation. In the movie the rabbit proof fence the director used characterization, camera work and sound to portray the tragedy of the stolen generations.

Philip Noyce used characterization well to impart his ideas to the injustice of the stolen generation. We learn a lot about the characters through out the movie through the excellent characterization and acting of the three aboriginal girls. Gracie the middle child is quite stubborn and scared. There is a lot of evidence of this from the movie. Her stubbornness is shown when she no longer wants to continue on the journey to Jigalong as she was told by a strange man that her mother would be at the train station waiting for her. Despite Molly’s...
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