Topics: Time, Star, Youth Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: August 16, 2013
Issue 086 : Young people should be encouraged to pursue long-term, realistic goals rather than seek immediate fame and recognition.

Nowadays, we could see many people who obtain both fame or recognition and money simultaneously in their youth especially in a show business or IT venture industry. However, are fame and recognition the real values for young people to pursue as a goal of their life? I do not think so. People, as a parent or as an elder generation, should encourage young people to pursue long-term, realistic goals than seek immediate fame and recognition.

First of all, a time of youth is the time to prepare one’s future not to obtain or chase fame or recognition. People say that youth is a time of investment not a time of harvest. Admittedly, some of the successful people being famous in a short time make many young people envy them. However, their successful story which was broadcasted or published on the media only focuses on a result not their hidden efforts to achieve that recognition. Moreover, the rate of getting a fame or recognition even immediately is close to impossible but this aspect was also ignored. It makes many young people put more weights on an immediate fame rather than on a long-term and realistic goal to set a goal. For example, many young students having a strong inclination toward being a star raise a rate of absenteeism because they want to be picked up on a road by the star-hunter from an entertainment agent company. They only care about being looked attractive rather than getting ready for their future job. If they fail to be a star because of excessive competition among many young star wannabes, then they might miss the proper time to study. Consequently, considering young people’s future, they should be encouraged to pursue long-term realistic goals rather than an immediate fame.

Secondly, fame or recognition obtained in a short time tends to disappear quickly. Many young engineers came into being millionaires...
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