Quiz 3

Topics: Public company, Pricing, Marketing Pages: 4 (569 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Course: BMGT 110
WebTycho Section: C803, Spring 2014
Instructor: Elma Bukvic Jusic


Please choose the correct answer to each of the following True/False questions by typing a “T” or “F” in the text form field next to each question. Each question is worth 5 points.

1. F(T/F) Price decreases become common during a product's mature stage.

2. T(T/F) Packaging and labeling play a major role in a firm's overall product strategy.  

3. T(T/F)  Merchant wholesalers are independently owned and take actual title to the goods they handle. 

4. T(T/F) Advertising is a form of non-personal selling. 

5. T(T/F) Personal selling is often used for products that are technically complex. 

6. T(T/F) Data alone are of limited value to a company. 

7. F(T/F) Application software controls the basic workings of a computer system.

8. T(T/F) Since publicly traded companies are required to report their financial information, anyone can find out how much Target made during the past three months.  

9. T(T/F) Depreciation is reported as an expense on the firm’s income statement, but does not involve any actual cash.

10. T(T/F) A firm's acid-test ratio can never be higher than its current ratio.

Multiple-Choice Questions
Please indicate the correct answer to each of the following multiple-choice questions by typing the choice (“a”, “b”, “c”, or “d”) corresponding to the correct answer into the text form field. Each question is worth 5 points.

11. DGoods and services are classified as either consumer or business, depending on the ________.  a. amount of service required on the item
b. buying motives of the purchasers
c. cost of the particular item
d. purchasers of the particular item

2. BThe combination of industry saturation and intense competition indicates that a product has reached the ________ stage of its product life cycle.  a. growth
b. maturity
c. decline
d. early...
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