Quiz 2

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Name: ___________________________________________________________ Quiz #2
1. List the four main types of scales identified in Chapter 6. Makes sure in your response below to explain the difference between each through the use of an example.

The four main types of scales indentified in chapter 6 are the nominal level of measurement, ordinal level of measurement, interval level of measurement, and the ratio level of measurement.

The nominal level of measurement is defined by the text as the characteristics of an outcome that fits into one and only one class or category or by their names solely. An example of this would be polling people on their political affiliation. You can measure yourself as only one affiliation, (Republican, Democrat, or Independent), but not more than one.

The ordinal level of measurement allows items to be ranked in order, and thus can be sorted. Data like this can be ordered, but there are no meaningful differences. An example of this would be how college football ranks the top 25 teams in the country before the season begins. College A is ranked #1, College B is ranked #2, and College C is ranked #3. There is no way at looking at the rankings to know how much better College A is compared to College B or College C.

The interval level of measurement is a test or assessment tool based on some underlying continuum, and which differences in data does make sense. An example of this would be the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales of temperature. 20 degrees is 40 degrees less than 60, and in turn the difference does make sense.

The ratio level of measurement, which possesses all the features on the interval scale of measurement, is characterized by the presence of an absolute zero on a scale. Due to the presence of an absolute zero, it is now possible to measure the differences between ratios. An example would be the measurement of distances. The measurement of zero means no length, and 10 feet is twice as long as 5 feet, thus...
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