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Topics: Randomness, Sampling, Simple random sample Pages: 4 (824 words) Published: February 4, 2015
The general manager of the grocery store Wegmans in Canandaigua, NY, wants to know the average (typical) amount of time it takes for a customer to check out of his grocery store. Last Saturday between the hours of 8 am and noon the manager, along with a team of helpers, measured the amount of time it took the first 200 customers to check out at each of its open registers. The helpers recorded the time (in minutes) using a stop watch, starting when a customer first arrived at a line and ending when they had paid and received their receipt. The average time for the sample was 6.5 minutes.

Answer each of the following questions pertaining to the above paragraph. (40 points)

a) Identify the population being targeted by this study.
a. The population targeted is all of the customers shopping at Wegmans on that particular day.

b) Identify the sample.
a. The sample for this survey is all of the shoppers that came to Wegmans between 8am and noon on that particular day.

c) Can we say the sample chosen was randomly selected? If it is, explain why. If it's not, explain why not and note what type of sample it could be (given the information above). a. I think the sample was not entirely random because they only took the first 200 individuals shopping, and they only measured for the first half of the day.

d) Identify the variable?
a. The variable is the amount of time it took the customers to check out

e) Is the data that resulted from this variable QUALITATIVE or QUANTITATIVE? If you say quantitative, further classify the variable as discrete or continuous. a. The data collected would be considered quantitative, because a value can be assigned to shopper. In this case, it would be the time it took them to check out. i. The quantitative variable would be continuous, because there are an infinite number of possibilities the variable could be.

f) Identify the statistic.
a. The statistic is the average check out time for the sample was 6.5 minutes....
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