History of the Beer Growler

Topics: Brewing, Beer bottle, Beer Pages: 3 (600 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Name: Scotty Young
Title: History of Beer and the Emergence of the Growler
General Purpose: To persuade, and entertain
Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, my audience will be informed , and entertained by knowing a little bit about the history of the beer growler..


I. Attention-getter: Does anyone know what the term "Growler" means and how it relates to beer? (merriam-webster.com) A container for beer bought by the measure (can, pitcher, bottle, etc)

II. Thesis statement: Beer is drank everyday in the United States, without a single consideration of the vessels they come in or how they came to be.

III. Preview of Main Points: Today were going to discuss, when the growler first emerged, how it got its name, and the common day growler.

Transition: Starting with my first point, when growlers first appeared.
1. The first growlers are believed to have emerged in the mid 1800s. A. The consumer wanted to drink beer at home, and during lunch breaks at work. B. They were the only way to have beer outside of the saloon or local tavern C. Growlers varied from glass, to pottery, to the most popular being a 2qt galvanized pail with lid. D. (focusonthebeer.com) they were sold as a pint, and filled 1/2 beer, and 1/2 foam. .

Transition: Now that we have discussed when they emerged, let's talk about how they got their name.

2. The term growler is actually up for some debate.
A. Some believe it was sound of CO2 escaping from the lid of the pail. B. Others believe it was rumbling of the stomachs of workers waiting to have beer during lunch. C. (bottles.net) Many also believe it was conflict between the bartender, and the customer. The customer was "growling" about not having a full pail, and the bartender was "growling" about only having to charge for a pint.

Transition: Lastly we are going to discuss the common day...

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