Questions On World Population

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1. With a dotted line, extend your line of best fit to the year 2050. What do you predict the population to be for?
a) the world?
Ans.: the world population is rapidly increasing and I suspect that it will be about 9.8 billion people in 2050.
b) Canada?
Ans.: likewise, Canada’s population is increasing. It will be approximately 44.1 million people in 2050.

2. In 1998 the United Nations estimated that the population of the world would be 8 billion by the year 2025. How does your figure compare to the United Nations projection?
Ans.: The United Nations projection fits my figure reasonably.

3. a) Approximately when did the rapid growth phase in world population begin?
Ans.: The human growth was growing slowly until about...

Higher standards of living: In general, people nowadays are richer than the past. There is almost no risk of starvation due to poverty.

4. By the year 2100, the world’s population may be as high as 18 billion, almost three times greater than it is now! What potential problems could a high population create? List six.
Ans.: 1. Depletion of Natural Resources: The resources that the earth can provide to us are limited; they are not infinite.
2. Degradation of Environment: Pollution is one of the biggest problems that humanity shares in the past two centuries or so. The increasing amount of CO2 leads to global warming.
3. conflicts: Because the resources are limited, it may lead to wars and fights for resources.
4. poverty: high birth rates usually occur in developing countries and this means that infants will have to face low standards of living and poverty.
5. the rise of prices: more population will have to share the finite resources and this will increase prices and ultimately leads to poverty and lower standards of living.
6. low standards of living: as I mentioned, a population that is too high is problematic as it means fewer employment opportunities for the individual, lack of educational facilities and services, and problems with power shortage and...
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