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Q21) A chain of fast food restaurants recently entered the Australian market with the establishment of six restaurants throughout New South Wales. It is currently undertaking an intensive advertising campaign aimed at teenagers via social networking sites.

(a)Outline ONE ethical issue that may arise from the restaurant chain’s marketing campaign.

The restaurant chain is acting unethically because they are using a misleading advertising campaign for unhealthy food. This is happening through social media that targets teenagers.

(b)Explain how the restaurant chain’s marketing is interdependent with ONE other key business function.

Rely on finance, and the money that they gather from the financial department, they use for activities to carry out their misleading advertising. The financial department sources the money to them so that they can function throughout the restaurant


a)I) Calculate the critical path for XNH Pty Ltd.

A, C, F, G – 90 min

ii) Why would XNH Pty Ltd use a sequencing tool such as the one shown?

This planning tool is actually used for sequencing and scheduling. As shown it determines the slowest or longest time the project can be completed and can save time with reducing the costs that will help XNH Pty Ltd a lot currently and in the near future.

Q22) continued…

b) Why are the inputs for a manufactured product different from the inputs in the provision of a service?

Inputs of a manufactured product include a range of raw materials and intermediate products that are tangible. They are transformed in the production process and then made into the finished good. These are different from inputs in the provision service as they are intangible. The skill of the customer is measured.

Q23) Why are the processes of human resource management important for business to achieve a competitive advantage?

Development and Maintenance


a) Identify ONE internal and ONE external source of finance that the...
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