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What is the definition of leadership according to three theories.

What are the responsibilities of a manager towards a society.

Please describe yourself as a person. What are your strengths and areas of improvement (at least 3 each)? Site situations to exemplify each. (WL: 1250)

What is your single largest achievement so far? Why do you consider it to be your largest achievement? What is your largest defeat to date and why? (WL: 1000)

What are your personal goals in life? Please elaborate in three separate categories: Short-term (2-3 years), Medium-term (5-6 years) and Long-term (ultimate objective). (WL: 1500)

What are the three most important values that guide your thoughts and actions and why? (WL: 750)

What type of assignments/tasks keep you hooked and charged and what are those that you find unexciting? (WL: 500)

Describe an incident that has had a deep impact on you and brought about a significant change in you? (WL: 1000)

How does an MBA at this stage fit into your scheme of things? Why now? (WL: 1250)

At times, many of us are caught in a situation of moral conflict, where we have to choose between two seemingly right alternatives. Describe up to two situations when you faced this conflict. How did you resolve them? (WL: 1000)

Sometimes, we may find a group of people disagreeing with our beliefs/point of view. How do you prefer to handle such a situation? Give us an instance where you had to convince a group of people on your point of view. (WL:1000)

How do you define the following: (WL:250 each)

Describe a challenging project or a seemingly impossible task which you have undertaken. What was the outcome? (WL: 750)

Have you ever adopted a non-traditional approach to manage a project / situation or to solve a problem? Briefly describe the project / situation of the problem, the approach and the outcome. In retrospect, do you think you should have handled it differently? (WL: 1000)

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