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November 29, 2013

School improvement plans are utilized to increase achievement levels in students and are expected to be used as a whole school initiative. State assessments are becoming more rigorous and schools are failing to meet AYP because of its rigor and high standards. Also, school’s populations are increasing and include many ELL students who affect the school’s ability to succeed on state exams. Failing to meet AYP one to many times causes schools to lose rating and change status with the state.
The problem that Tornillo Elementary is facing at the moment, not only has cause them to lower their rating, but also to face other state mandated consequences. The biggest problem with its low scores starts with the students reading at a very low rate and their fluency affecting their comprehension and in return producing failing reading scores. If the elementary school fails to correct this issue and get back on good standing terms, they run the risk of gaining a state intervention at the school.
The following chart represents a school improvement plan that could guide Tornillo Elementary into a better standing position. The plan highlights the needed questions, objectives, resources, professional developments, and strategies needed to successfully meet AYP within the next testing sessions.
TLC implementation (PK-3rd)
Teacher evaluations
CLC (K-3rd)
Create standards for guided reading groups in the K-3rd classrooms.
Use reading intervention strategies that raise students reading fluency rates.
Progress monitor student reading fluency rates.
Track, report and reflect on student progress at weekly CLC.
TEKS (K- 3rd)
ELPS (K-3rd)
CScope (K-3rd)
PreK Guidelines
Use the Reading Fluency Kits at every classroom.
Implementation of the leveled library to target student’s independent reading stage.
Ticket-to-Read (online reading support) for use at computer labs, classroom computers and home reading practice.
Properly use school library as a reading nook and not a “time-off” space.
Use and stock classroom libraries with leveled readers of non-fiction high interest books.
CScope Lesson Plan Assistant (K-3rd)
TX Treasures Curriculum Program
TX Treasures technology resources
Focus on student independent reading levels to help sustain and gain reading self-esteem.
Utilize the CScope framework to create strong and sustainable lesson plans.
Use peer to peer observations to give feedback to teachers on classroom lessons.
Research on guided reading practices that impact student achievement in reading.
District Reading Fluency measures (K-3rd)
TX Treasures Reading Standards Progress Monitoring (K-3rd)
TPRI Independent Reading Benchmarks (K-3rd)
Use TPRI tools to identify specific areas of focus for instruction.
Use CIRCLE test to identify specific areas of focus for instruction.
Use biweekly progress monitoring assessments for all students.

Title 1 funds are the main budget sources for Tornillo Elementary, and has been affected by many budget cuts locally and federally the improvement plan is targeting to increase student achievement with very little effect on the budget. The school will be using its current resources to its extreme possibilities. The school will also be using grant funds to stock and renew its school and classroom libraries. Progress monitoring will be a continuous action, testing students every two weeks and recording their progress. Teachers will meet monthly with their CLC and discuss any improvements and identify additional needs, issues, and concerns. The following questions are to be used to ensure the school meets its goals to their best abilities.
How is Tornillo Elementary (TES) ensuring all its stakeholders become valuable team members?
How will TES ensure all stakeholders full participation at all times?
How will stakeholders participate in revising the improvement plan throughout its progress?
How will TES determine if every stakeholder is fully represented in the planning, progress and evaluation of the improvement plan?
How will team members communicate to gain the needed information from each other?

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