Queen Bess: Daredevil of the Sky

Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Queen Bess: Daredevil of the Sky
World War I had impacted everyone in the world with new technology and new inventions. Aircraft were used for the first time and many people could now fly or dream of flying. However, only white men were allowed to learn to fly in America. Women and African-Americans were deemed unsuitable to be able to fly. Just a few years before Amelia Earhart earned her aviator’s license, Bessie Coleman earned hers and proved to the world that everyone deserves the chance to fly. Bessie Coleman endured many hardships, accomplished what most people thought impossible, and inspired many blacks to learn to fly.

Bessie Coleman had many obstacles in her way before she could earn her aviation license. Because of her race and gender, Bessie Coleman was not allowed to learn to fly in America. No pilot in Chicago would teach Bessie because no one thought she could do it. Knowing that she would never be able to learn to fly in America, Bessie Coleman sailed to France to attend a French flying school. Another challenge that she had to face was moving to a foreign and unknown place with a different language. She also would not be able to see her family for many years. When she returned to France for the second time, she needed to learn advanced maneuvers such as banks and rolls that would enhance her career as a barnstormer. Overall, Bessie Coleman was determined to overcome obstacles and venture into the unknown.

Bessie Coleman achieved her goals and showed the world that black people could learn to fly. One of her greatest achievements was earning her international aviation license from the International Aeronautical Federation, becoming the first African-American and the first American to do so. She also became one of the greatest barnstormers during her time. All in all, Bessie’s accomplishments changed the way people thought about what African-Americans and women could do. Because of Bessie Coleman’s dreams and actions, she greatly influenced...
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